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Dougal Diary - A Difficult Goodbye
Dougal Diary
      Wow, I can’t believe that its already over. SORRY I was unable to post yesterday’s wrap up, but the time just flew by. It was such a long day and I had to get Theo to put me to bed.

      The second day was an early start, and I was still getting used to the jet lag. Theo had to go rehearse while I had breakfast, and then it was time! After Adam (our new friend, who has been our very good host) talked on his amazing work with ACS it was Theo’s turn. He even let me go on stage with him, lucky I didn’t have to talk though. Theo showed the Americans how we Relay in Australia and even managed to get 120 Americans chanting Aussie Aussie Aussie (Oi, Oi, Oi).

       After that it was back to more workshops and more talks from some very exciting speakers. It’s so great to hear from all these people and how passionate they are about Relay. I have met so many new friends who I hope to keep in touch with. We got to finish the night off with some dancing after dinner. Americans seem to have a dance for every song, have you ever heard of wobbling. It was soo funny watching people do it. After all that, I was very very tired. I wanted to keep dancing but I could hardly keep my eyes open and we had so much planned for the next day. Theo had to carry me to bed, my legs are still too tired to walk.

       Today was unfortunately the last day however. It was another very inspiring day and also very sad. We walked into our last general session and there was tissues on everyones table in front of them. They performed a Luminaria Ceremony (or a Remembrance ceremony as we Aussies call it) and it was very touching. Not many tissues were left behind. But then we also got to hear from another very inspiring young boy, Dylan Walsh. He spoke of his amazing story of how he has diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 3 and has been relaying ever since.

       It was very very sad to hear however that that one of the most influential members of ACS, the founder of Relay, the visionary, Mr Gordy Klatt, had lost his battle with Cancer and passed his torch on to finish the fight. Since 1985 (the First relay) he has helped sooo many people, and without him Relay for Life would not be around or where it is today. From Australia, we thank you for everything you’ve done.

       It is now time for me to say goodbye to all my new friends. Me and Theo are off to check out Atlanta for a couple of days before our big trip home again, I hear we lose a day on the way back. Adam will be showing us around this afternoon, he said there is a zoo about, I hope I get to see the giant panda’s they have. However this is my last post. I will let Theo have it back again. He has been very kind to let me use his computer all the time. As Gordy would say “Keep up the fight!”
Dougal Diary - Start of Day 1
Dougal Diary
         So I heard that last night theo had to spend the night rehearsing while I spent the night asleep. I\'ve never spent the night in such a big bed. A good night sleep and I\'m all fresh, can\'t say the same for Theo.

         So we managed to get up for a fitness session this morning. This hotel has everything. Even a squash court. I plan to get on the courts hopefully for a hit.

         After that I had to go and get Theo out of bed, it was time for him to practice again. I wasn\'t able to see him last night so I was excited to see him speak. Over here everyone is very kind, I have been able to give out many hugs.

         We are just in the processing of waiting, a lot of relayers from all over America are just starting to Arrive. It\'s all getting very exciting. I am just having some lunch while Theo has meeting with some of the managers for the summit. I had to give him a talking though, he walked out with a plate of bacon.

         Ohh I can\'t wait to see everyone.
Dougal Diary - Travelling to Atlanta
Dougal Diary
           Firstly I would like to say thank you to my travel size companion and trip photographer, Theo, for allowing me to use his blog for the next couple of days as we head to the National Relay for Life Leadership Experience in Atlanta, Georgia. Yeah thatís right, Dougal is going overseas for his first trip and I couldnít be any more excited to represent Australia at the conference. Iím glad I donít have to do a presentation like Theo though.

           We are currently on our, what seems forever, journey to America. Donít know why we chose the longest non-stop flight, but thank goodness I managed to get a window seat. Poor Theo has to sit on the isle and unfortunately has to get up every time the person between us has to go pee.

           We are just at Dallas Airport now, and it is quite different to Sydney. Only one more short flight left and we are there. I canít wait to see what our hotel looks like. Iím hope Iím not jet lagged, we have such a big day and weekend ahead of us.

           Keep following this page to keep up to date on my travels, I hope Theo doesnít get sick of me posting on his website.

Yours Sincerely