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Dougal Diary - Travelling to Atlanta
Dougal Diary
           Firstly I would like to say thank you to my travel size companion and trip photographer, Theo, for allowing me to use his blog for the next couple of days as we head to the National Relay for Life Leadership Experience in Atlanta, Georgia. Yeah thatís right, Dougal is going overseas for his first trip and I couldnít be any more excited to represent Australia at the conference. Iím glad I donít have to do a presentation like Theo though.

           We are currently on our, what seems forever, journey to America. Donít know why we chose the longest non-stop flight, but thank goodness I managed to get a window seat. Poor Theo has to sit on the isle and unfortunately has to get up every time the person between us has to go pee.

           We are just at Dallas Airport now, and it is quite different to Sydney. Only one more short flight left and we are there. I canít wait to see what our hotel looks like. Iím hope Iím not jet lagged, we have such a big day and weekend ahead of us.

           Keep following this page to keep up to date on my travels, I hope Theo doesnít get sick of me posting on his website.

Yours Sincerely