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Finally Back in America - NRFLLE
Why Not RFL
So Iíve finally made it, to America and to my hotel. Oh how Iíve missed you. 27 hrs over one train trip and two flights, one the longest currently possible, and Iím finally here in Atlanta, Georgia for the National Relay For Life Leadership Experience. Considering I landed only half an hour later than when I took off, I seem to be dealing with the change in time quite well. Though the weather is not ideal, every time I come to America it seems to be unconditional weather for this area, Iím just finally glad to be able to stretch my legs out properly. The flights I will say werenít too bad. Considering that my last flight was with delta, I was just stoked to have a power point to charge my stuff let alone a wide choice of movies that I didnít have to pay for. But itís not time to crash yet, just going to check out the conference room, and have run through of my presentation and get a solid meal. To track my progression for this trip click on the collection link Why Not RFL or follow the #whynotrfl tag on all social media.