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Dougal Diary - Start of Day 1
Dougal Diary
         So I heard that last night theo had to spend the night rehearsing while I spent the night asleep. I\'ve never spent the night in such a big bed. A good night sleep and I\'m all fresh, can\'t say the same for Theo.

         So we managed to get up for a fitness session this morning. This hotel has everything. Even a squash court. I plan to get on the courts hopefully for a hit.

         After that I had to go and get Theo out of bed, it was time for him to practice again. I wasn\'t able to see him last night so I was excited to see him speak. Over here everyone is very kind, I have been able to give out many hugs.

         We are just in the processing of waiting, a lot of relayers from all over America are just starting to Arrive. It\'s all getting very exciting. I am just having some lunch while Theo has meeting with some of the managers for the summit. I had to give him a talking though, he walked out with a plate of bacon.

         Ohh I can\'t wait to see everyone.