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Working cohesively as a Team
Why Not RFL
      The first workshop for Day 2 was aimed at helping the volunteer committee students to:
  • Identify their Vision
  • Create a plan for building a whole committee
  • Develop plans to meet short and long term goals.
      Vision cannot be explained from one person to another. “Vision without action is just a dream, Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with Action can change the world.” Our first activity was to create a vision board of what we want for our relay in the future. The idea is to see what the goals are of the individuals, as these are what drive people and to why they participate.

      Next was to help change from having a whole committee to a WHOLE committee. Not the idea that the committee doesn’t have enough members, but also that members are diverse around the entire campus. Consider yourself how wholly involved you are within your university, group or society. Diversity among different interests, clubs and communities allows you to have a wider and vast knowledge of your own surroundings. It’s these personal connections among different groups that encourages growth in your workplace.

       way to become a WHOLE, is team bonding and cohesion. Without it, it creates an environment where working together is can be difficult. Being able to connect with other members in your team requires being able to get to how you all are connected and why you are working together to achieving the same vision and goal.

      Being able to see this is an integral part of working cohesively within a team. By establishing common goals and understanding how each member engages as part of a team can provide a comfortable and rewarding environment, making it easier to achieve your common goals.