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Early New Years Guilt - My preparations for the Resolutions.
Forever Paid
      So once again it‘s been a fair while since I‘ve posted. A lots happened since and I‘d like to think that I have slowly progressed to be where I want to be and better understand where I want to go.

      The last few days (weeks) as I have been on holidays have been, well a holiday. I always find it important that people should take the time and step back away from their work. Night time for rest, weekends for fun and holidays to do the things you wouldn‘t normally do.

      However, as many of us do, the Christmas period seems to be an extra period of indulgence. With Christmas ham, merry drinks and (too) many sleepless nights I‘ve developed a sense of early New Years guilt. Each morning thinking that the gym instead of the pub is where I should be going.

      And as I do most Mondays and especially not just after this two week binge I have been on, I plan to get a kick-start on my New Years resolution. To get ahead its best to prepare and the spend the days leading up to it getting ready that way you aren‘t spending the new year organizing instead of achieving.

In Incremental Steps:
      Sudden shocks in your system are not healthy for you and its makes it easier for people to slip into their bad habits again. Remember you should never quit anything cold turkey.

Get More Active:
      The gym has taken a back seat to the banquet feast that comes at this time of year. Exercising not helps you lose those extra sizes you added to your waist but to help clear your mind and focus better.

Get More Creative:
      Nothing helps ideas flowing and expand your thought process than too tap into your creative side. I miss picking up the pencil and formulating my ideas into visual representations. It‘s one on the main reasons I got into this field.

Read and Write More:
      Now I‘m not one for reading, I think the only books that I have managed to successfully read cover to cover would have to be the Harry Potter series. I do plan to start however slowly, reading more articles and writing more posts, just like this one.

      For me, the upcoming year, will inevitably play significant part of the development of my career, I only hope that I am prepared to be able to seize every opportunity.