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All Part Of The Experience
           Second day of the second week done and time is just flying by. It’s scaring me that in 24 hours I will have hit the halfway point of my internship and my time here in Shanghai. I have tried everything I could and I still barely feel like I’ve scratched the surface. Mainly highs and an a couple unfortunate lows, but as we say it is all part of the experience.

           I attended my first Mandarin class today and truthfully I feel like I’ve learnt more on the street. It was good though as I now know how to bargain a little better, which will definitely come in handy when I hit the markets again.

           But work has been great experience. After writing my first assignment, it was amazing to actually try and get this experience into words. I hope that I can continue on track with it and help further pursue my career. I am already one project down and now being able to further that into another was quite exciting. There has been some major loss of sleep but it is worth it.

           On the lighter side of things, the absolute culture of this place is on par with none. There really is an old and a new Shanghai. Being able to visit a Buddhist temple during the day and then sit back and relax on the rooftop fifty plus stories high, highest at 93 so far, is incredible. The nightlife also, words can’t describe. Shanghai knows how to take care of people.

           So here’s to my thirteenth day here and I can only bet the next will be just as action packed. I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know the people I have been working with and building my Guanxi. Oh and as I have realised that I am supposed to be keeping a diary, I shall be posting more, hopefully, each day.