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Food Appreciation Post
           Three weeks complete. The idea of daily posts has just gone out the window. It feels like this week has just gone way too quickly. Its event worst to think that I only have one week left here in Shanghai. However I can’t believe I have been here for so long and have yet to talk about the food. So here it is, a Shanghai food appreciation post.

           Well it has failed to disappoint. The food over here is completely insane and is one of mt favourite aspects of Shanghai.

           Firstly the price of it. I have been over here eating three proper meals a day and on average spending roughly 100 kuai on food and that’s living quite lavishly. In reality it is only 20 dollars Australian which I wouldn’t be able to get dinner for that price. With places over here selling dumplings and rolls for 2-3 kuai, it is really not that hard to break the bank while over here.

           My favourite and possibly the more interesting are the side stalls or street food that have swamped Shanghai. My favourite, a little setup called Babi Mantous, with the iconic Jackie Chan as the face of it, serving my a wide range of dumplings and my favourite zhurou dabao (large pork steamed buns). Being such a regular here is helping as my Chinese is shocking, the guy has even managed to learn a little English.

           Other street food on my list as I walk down include egg wraps, shish kebabs, octopus kebabs, and a whole assortment of food that I can neither say nor explain. As long as there is a good line up for the food, you know you are in the right place.

           Talking of dumplings however, I was able to visit was is considered to be the most famous dumplings in the… world I believe. Once I saw the queue for it, I could see why. People were lining up for over 2 hours for these bad boys, and some even already had food in their hands. I waited, only for half an hour, and I could taste why.

           Next on the list are some of the more authentic Chinese restaurants, though you can’t get more authentic then side food. From Lanzhou noodles (hand-made pasta) to Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, one of the biggest restaurants I’ve seen. Just as interesting the food, how it’s cooked is just as fun to watch.

           And finally if you are missing a bit of home or would like to try another culture, Shanghai has you covered. A regular for me is a Korean bbq, but I was quite happy to find an Australian bar on Australia Day so I could get a Chicken Snitty. I haven’t eaten a great deal of western food however. I have only eaten McDonalds twice as a good old 4 am feed only because they a McSpicy, which needs to land in Newcastle, and that they deliver to the hotel.

           As I’ve said I didn’t come to Shanghai to eat food that I can eat at home. Once again, I have probably only scratched the surface as to what Shanghai can offer. I’ll dig a little deeper in the next couple of days.