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My Life on the Internet
Forever Paid
           Now let’s start off with the fact that I was skeptical and still am on the idea of social media and sharing ones life on the internet. I was quite adament on not participating and was very late in joining the online world in terms of using the various social medias available.

           My concerns would definitely be in regards to privacy and the idea that these are personal people&rsquos lives that have the opportunity to be seen by anyone. I do see it being up to the user in terms of what they would like to share but for me it is still a major grey area.

           My main issue would be on the sharing of other peoples live without their consent. Especially for when it is about a particular issue and using the internet to publicly air them out. Whether it be a comment on what someone did, an innapropriate picture or the various other forms of postable media, unless you were willing to say it to them directly and whether if the situation was reveresed would you like someone posting about the issue then it should not be allowed.

           The people I hate the most would be those who who make money, or in any way selfishly gain from sharing and voicing their opinions on others. Included in this would be the likes of pop culture journalist and to the more generic "keyboard warriors" who feel that they may become more popular if they discredit others just becuase what they are doing doesnt happen to be what they are doing, or simply because their own life is unfullfilling or unacomplished.

           In saying this, there is also a lot of potential that can come of participating in these particular rituals. Not only is it a good way to socialize (positively) but to educate, share content and compete healthly against others. Additionally from a marketing and advertising point of view it is a gold mine of opportunity.

           For me personally I have decided to give it a try as a way to help document my life. Not for others but for myself. I find myself nowadays quite busy and continuously forgetting what i've done and acheived. With my field of expertise in IT and my desire to work in marketing and advertising, social media seemed to be a given.

           I particularly enjoy all aspects of the creative industries and aim to delve deeper and spend more time perfecting my own craft in various areas including (digital) graphic design and creative writing. It is a bonus that these will help me in achieving my future career goals. Additionally as part of one of my courses for my degree I am required to write particular posts on certain issues. So each week there shall be at least a post, but like always I do aim to be writing more.