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Significant Changes in my Technological Lifetime
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           It is incredible the changes that in the short period that has been my lifetime that has occurred in terms of the technological world and its impact it has had on my environment. It is these changes that have shaped and inspired my passion for technology and my pursuit into a career in IT and marketing.

           I remember the first time we got a computer, one of very few in my area that had acquired one. It was so fascinating the endless possibilities that it could provide, with its now considered quite limited ability. A beautiful IBM powered computer with what I believe was roughly about 4 gigabytes of storage and 64 kilobytes of memory, it was a vessel of imagination. With the ability to create images with paint, surf the web as it were and that oh so addicting FreeCell a good deal of my childhood was spent behind that computer.

           If it wasn’t that, then it was in front of the TV playing the super Nintendo eating dried magi noodles in the summer heat, playing cricket 95. One particular childhood memory was Christmas in 1990 something, can’t remember which one, but I got a pocket Gameboy and Pokemon red. Additionally my older brother got Pokemon blue and the all illusive and spectacular Gameboy cartridge for the super Nintendo. Even though I had the advantage to be able to play anywhere being able to play on the super Nintendo meant being able to play Pokemon in color. Actual color.

           But from there technology has grown and developed exponentially, in all areas. With phones being the most distinguishable in terms of integrating and adapting to modern technology, they provide a great timeline of the technological changes. Firstly making things both portable and smaller has been the driving force with technological advancements and mobile phones embodies this. However as each new bit of technology came available mobiles reflected them through its changes. Some of the most notable reflections would include the development of color, portable mp3 players, internet capabilities, touchscreen and the most valuable for all those selfie lovers, the camera.

           When people think technology they focus more on the major devices like televisions, mobiles, tablets however there is a lot, lot more. Let’s take a look at appliances and within the household. Everyone’s now a barista with their own state of the art coffee machine, my washing machine now messages me when it’s done, air conditioners are no longer dangerous sticks rotating on a pole or from the roof, and who can go pass the Magic Bullet.

           Practicality is not the only development. Technology has played a major part in all industries. From mining, to tourism, transport and none more so than health and medicine. If someone had told me that my computer could print out body parts when I was a kid, I would be well scared, but that’s where we have come to.

           I can’t wait to see what happens in the near future, and as an IT graduate and an aspiring digital entrepreneur I hope that I can be a part of shaping it.