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Finally Complete – What you can achieve without a Hangover
         It has been roughly a year in the making, but tmagill.com has finally been completed. The website has been up and running however its functionality has been less than ideal, in actuality it has been non-existent.

         But with all the extra time that I have acquired from participating in the Dry July campaign, I have been able to spend time that I would normally be nursing a hangover to finally complete my website.

         I would like to say congratulations to everyone who participated in the cause. For those who attempted the challenge and was unable to succeed, take solace in the fact that you made the first step. I strongly encourage you all to spread the word.

         It is amazing to see what people can achieve when they have the extra time on their hands. As part of the Dry July campaign world records were out to be broken. With creativity not being stifled by the agonies of the dreaded morning after we were able to see communities come together to raise money to support the many organizations that help adults living with Cancer.

Dry July: World"s Largest Skittle Mosaic
Dry July: World"s Largest Smoothie

         So congratulations to all those involved. You can still donate until the end of August here...